Empathy & Openness

Empathy & Openness

In my work, empathy is key to understanding users and enhancing their experience. My experience in teaching, project management, and conducting in-depth interviews has taught me how to connect with people and solve their problems.

In teamwork, I value trust and openness. I collaborate with managers, analysts, and developers to achieve results. I can justify my decisions, seek compromises, and always focus on the needs of the users.

How I Work

  • At the beginning of the process, I address tasks by identifying key metrics.

  • I conduct research and analyze data to understand the project context and requirements.

  • I study best practices and the shortcomings of competitors to determine possible solutions and ideas.

  • I develop a framework based on the participants and their involvement.

  • We collaboratively formulate solution hypotheses and set project goals.

  • We define key parameters and success criteria.

  • Together, we supplement and edit the project specifications.

  • Then, I start developing specific solutions. For complex and large features, I begin by creating user flow diagrams.

  • I design interfaces with predictable behavior, taking into account the collected data and requirements.

  • I work with editors.

  • I run solutions through design critique sessions.

  • I hand off the mockups for development.

  • I conduct design reviews and compile a list of revisions.

  • I also participate in event tagging for analytics.

  • I improve the product based on metrics and user feedback.

Additional Roles and Responsibilities:

Additional Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct UX research

  • Write reports

  • Improve team processes for product design

  • Mentor new employees

  • Take on product manager responsibilities

  • Actively participate in design review sessions

  • Organize and lead meetings

  • Speak publicly and participate in demos